Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dead Space 2 Review

Now we shall review Dead Space 2 for those of you just joining us this is the 2nd review covering the Dead Space series. And before you ask readers, yes I will be covering Dead Space Extraction as well. But not Ignition as I have never played that. Now for those of you who missed my last review for the original Dead Space what is wrong with you go read it now, the rest of us can wait a few minutes while you do that. Maybe I will do some cheesy magic tricks or something while we wait. Okay all done? Good now for the reviewing.

Dead Space 2 like its predecessor is a survival horror third-person shooter. It is set roughly three years after the first game aboard the Sprawl a station orbiting Saturn's moon titan. A big change from the first game is Issac can speak now, as he wandered through the halls of the Ishimura silently aside from the odd scream here and there. Aside from that the control scheme is pretty much identical as is the auto store system for buying weapons, ammo, armour, etc. Another interesting change is you get a choice between Issac's tried and true engineer suit or proper military grade armour without having to beat the game first.

Next up the Rig has gotten a visual upgrade and person I like the new look of it. The Stasis and Kinesis modules make a reappearance in this one with identical functionality to the first game. In the first game you could find your way to your objectives by clicking R3 to project a path to follow, well this got an adjustment in Two allowing you to actually set it to point to save points and workbenches which can be very handy as you traverse the Sprawl as upgrading is hugely necessary.

Weapons wise a lot of our old favorites like the Plasma cutter and Line gun have returned for another go around along side some new toys like the Javelin launcher. The Javelin fires large spikes (Duh) that can pin Necromorphs to wall before using secondary fire to electrocute them. But no matter what weapons your using our old friend the Strategic Dismemberment System is back for another round of fun, along with a new way to eliminate Necromorphs. Unlike on board the Ishimura where there were very few large windows the Sprawl is full of them, and by breaking them with a weapon or kinesis attack you can decompress an area sucking the necromorphs into space before closing the emergency shutter.

A new feature to Dead Space 2 is a multi player system, that's right readers I said multi player. It pits two teams of 4 against one other, 1side playing humans and the other necromorphs, both sides have upgradable weapons and abilities, though in all honesty I have not tried the multi player myself yet so I cannot say one way or the other how it runs.

Unlike its predecessor Dead Space 2 also got a DLC by the name of Severed which follows the characters from Dead Space Extraction 3 years after the game but I have not played it yet so I cannot say much about it other than that it follows Gabe Weller a member of Sprawl Security as he tries to fight his way through the necromorph outbreak to reach his wife and unborn child.

Well that's all for today readers. Tune in next time for.... whatever I feel like reviewing.
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